Holistic Gynecology

We believe in treating the whole person, not just the symptoms. Our NYC and Long Island-based midwifery practice is dedicated to providing individualized care to women seeking authentically holistic care.

Our team, founded by Judy Ribner, DNP, CNM in 2020, has grown to include four midwives who are passionate about supporting women through the transformative experiences of birth and the life span, including gynecological health.

Our approach to gynecology is to address the underlying cause of symptoms and carefully weigh the risks of medication use. We offer alternative, holistic treatments in addition to mainstream Western Medicine regimens, and work to help rebuild health from within.

At Holistic Midwifery New York, we value evidence-based practice and shared decision making, helping women optimize their health and achieve their goals (testimonials).

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Judy Ribner, DNP, CNM of Holistic Midwifery New York Discusses Women's Health & The Female Cycle