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Theresa Morgan


I don’t know where to start, but I will do my best to keep it short lol. I just want to say, I have NEVER met someone who was as dedicated and passionate about home birth and holistic motherhood as Judy! This is a group of women who not only went out of their way for me but also made sure I was always taken care of and got the BEST medical care when needed. If I could give 10 starts I would. The dedication and passion to home birth was unmatched. I 10/10 recommend for anyone looking for a midwife, thank you guys for doing all that you could for me, I have found my forever midwives!

Guly Stekel


No words will adequately describe the amazing experience one gets with birthing with Midwifery NY. It’s how every birth should be, with knowledge with comfort, just the way mom wants. That is Midwifery NY. The patience and love judy and her team have radiating at each visit like you’re her only patient. Everything explained so well with mom making the choices for HER birth experience. I felt so calm and taken care of like never before!



My experience with the midwives at Holistic Midwifery NY was beyond expectations! They are extremely knowledgeable, dedicated and exceptionally professional. The care I received at each visit, the way they accommodated my schedule and the respect of all my choices while maintaining the highest level of safety and care made my experience one that cant be matched! Thank you thank you for giving me the gift of birthing with dignity and Respect as birth is meant to be!!

Ariela Hefter (Naamat)


Each midwife in the practice showed so much care and concern before, during, and after birth. I felt so supported throughout my long and intense labor and never felt rushed. I am so happy that I chose to have a home birth and that I chose Judy and her team. Judy answered each and every one of my questions. She has so much knowledge and if she needed to look into something and get back to me she did.

Nancy Nagar


I wish I could give these midwives 100 stars. I just delivered my son with Judy and the Holistic Midwifery team. It was my first time having a home birth too. Judy, Malki, and Ruchi were supportive, reassuring, and really validated all of my concerns throughout the pregnancy and birth. I felt truly comforted by their presence during each visit. After two hospital births before having a home birth with these amazing midwives I can confidently say there is NO COMPARISON! If you want midwives that are knowledgable, compassionate, well informed, and supportive, look no further.



There is nobody like Judy and her team of midwives!
Judy is super knowledgeable, respectful, thorough, and understanding. My experience with her was incredible!! Having a midwife with her level of expertise combined with her caring nature is hard to find!
She will always be a part of our family!

Emma Woodard


I wish every pregnant woman could have the experience of having such wonderful, supportive, and highly-qualified professionals as their care team. Throughout my pregnancy and birth I felt heard, respected, and valued. Judy’s understanding and prioritizing of informed consent is beyond that of any doctor or nurse I have ever encountered. I truly felt that all decisions made were my own. Through the ups and downs of the pregnancy the midwives were there for me and any questions or concerns I had. My pregnancy ended with the home birth of my first baby, a beautiful, not so little nine pounder. No perineal tearing! I deeply appreciated the patience that Rachel exhibited during the birth. These women really believed in my ability to bring my baby into the world and didn’t demand I do it within a certain amount of hours. Thank you, thank you to all of the amazing midwives on this team!! I will always recommend Holistic Midwifery to anyone I know expecting a baby!

Rebecca Mirano


If your in search of midwives , look no more these ladies are it !! Literally I couldn’t revcomemd them enough. From the moment I met them I felt safe & cared for. I knew what I wanted to them was important I no longer felt like another pregnant lady at the obgyn. You get to meet all of them build a relationship with them & if anything comes up they are so on top of it quick & precise. The only thing I wish is that I would have transferred to them sooner :(. I would never bother to try to find other midwives Judy, Malki & racheal are the ones I’d pick in a heartbeat. These woman are super knowledgeable respectful & caring. Their philosophy is not one many have & they act with calmness through any situation. They believe in you & in your body. The birthing technique they guide you with when ur in labor is the secret to a no tear practically pain free psychological birth everyone woman dreams of. Idk of any midwife who can offer this technique & it truly makes a difference. They will always remind you of the intelligent amazing & powerful body you have & of your strength & power. I love them so much with no words left to express my gratitude & love for them. Thank you for doing what you do Judy & your team you guys are heaven sent.

Kate Yee


This is a truly special team of midwives – and especially Judy – who is so genuinely passionate about positive, gentle birthing that you just want to hug her! If you’ve ever felt unheard by a provider, or are looking for a birth experience that relies on intervention only when necessary, that supports and empowers birthing people and their partners in having the birth they want – look no further! Judy took me on as a patient when I was 36 weeks, was always available to me via video, phone and text, giving me sound medical advice but also just making sure I was ok, every step of the way. I’ll never forget how she greeted my baby during my first office visit and just made us all feel so at ease with the pregnancy. Her partner Rachel attended our home birth and it was truly the most peaceful and amazing birth experience I could have imagined. A dream come true!!! Support this practice. We will definitely choose them for our next homebirth!

Aliza Jacobson


Judy, Malki, and Rochie, along with their assistants, are the most amazing, professional, caring team of midwives! I felt safe and supported throughout my whole pregnancy, labor, and birth. I highly recommend them! I will definitely be using them again!

Lilyesther Ashkenazi


I did a home birth with these incredible midwifes and would highly recommend it. I had the birth of my dream in a pool with great care and support. These midwifes fully respect your decision as the mom to do what’s right for you and the baby and are there to guide you at your side. They come to your home fully equipped with all necessary medical equipment and are masters in their field. They help facilitate a birth the way it’s meant to be calm, beautiful, natural and a pure miracle in the comfort of your own home. After the baby is born they help you clean up and settle you in with your brand new little baby. I am looking forward to using them in the future!:)

Miriam Rosenblum


I used Holistic midwifery for my 3rd home birth there was nothing like it! I had the best experience possible, they were so knowledgeable, respectful and so easy to deal with. I cannot recommend them enough!! I only plan on using them going forward!

Liba Einhorn


These midwives are the definition of what midwives should be. Smart, kind, nurturing.
I’m forever grateful for the care I’ve received here. It opened me up to a whole new world of health. They have a wealth of expertise in holistic, safe care. Also, they share of themselves in a genuine way. I felt very connected to the midwife, to the process, and to my baby/body. An amazing and superbly talented midwifery team. Highly recommend.

Tzvi Balsam


My wife had a 9 pound baby and her body was intact- not a tiny tear, not a single stitch. It was a phenomenal experience and everything we had ever wanted of our birth, thank g-d.

Meira Lampert


I cannot emphasize enough how much I recommend Malki and Holistic Midwifery New York. She was absolutely incredible and truly set the tone for me to have the birth experience I was hoping for. Malki was encouraging, supportive, and extremely knowledgeable. I knew I was in good hands and felt comfortable the whole time. A+++++ experience!

Sophy Sokolin

Great team. Professional. Loving. Best care for mother and baby. Can’t ever leave them.

Josef Kaff


The midwives were compassionate and professional. Their skill and expertise was outstanding. I would highly recommend.



Amazing group of women. Amazing care. Highly recommended!

Rochel P


I had a wonderful experience with Judy and Rochy. Everything went so well and would definitely highly recommend them!

Simcha Oppen

Amazing team and exceptional care, so happy I found them!

Jordan Brown

Outstanding clinical care. Highly recommend.

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