Postpartum Care

During the fresh tenderness of brand new motherhood… We are here for you throughout the journey.

A postpartum check-in with a midwife is an important part of the postpartum period. During this visit, your midwife will assess the mother and baby’s physical and emotional well-being by checking the mother’s vital signs, examining the perineum, and assessing the baby’s weight and overall health. Your midwife can provide support and advice for the mother’s physical recovery and emotional well-being and offer guidance on caring for the newborn, including lactation support.

The midwifery practice can handle the filing of the birth certificate.  After the initial postpartum visit, we provide extensive telehealth and phone support for any concerns that arise. Our midwives will discuss contraception options with you during your pregnancy so you can make an informed decision.  At the six week visit, we will provide the contraceptive of your choice and have an opportunity to say good-bye and transition you to well-women care. 

Breastfeeding Support, Newborn Care, & Contraception

Having a new baby reorganizes a family. We are here to support you through each milestone.

Postpartum is a precious and vulnerable time. We want to safeguard it for you.

24-48 Hour Postpartum Check-In

This visit is critical during the postpartum period because it allows your midwife to assess mother’s and baby’s physical and emotional well-being. Your midwife will check the mother’s vital signs, examine the perineum for tears or episiotomies, and assess the baby’s weight, jaundice levels, and overall health during this visit. Your midwife will also instruct you on proper infant care techniques such as bathing, diapering, and swaddling.

Newborn Screening Tests

Newborn screening tests are important for detecting certain health conditions that are not always obvious. These tests will be performed or by your midwife, with the final results discussed with the parents.

Lactation Support

Breastfeeding is an important part of postpartum care, and your midwife can offer advice and support to assist the mother with lactation. This could include techniques for establishing and maintaining milk supply, resolving latch or positioning issues, and developing a breastfeeding plan.

Newborn Care

Your midwife will offer mother and baby advice and support as she cares for her new baby, including tips on feeding, sleeping and bonding. In addition, your midwife can perform routine newborn assessments and offer advice on any concerns.

Contraception Counseling

At the six-week postpartum visit, your midwife will discuss contraception options with the mother and provide information on their benefits and risks. Your midwife will work with the mother to choose a method that fits her individual needs and lifestyle.

Birth Certificate Filing

Your midwifery practice can handle the birth certificate filing, ensuring that all necessary information is complete and accurate. This is a critical step in establishing the baby’s identity and legal rights.

Physical Recovery & Healing

The postpartum period can be physically demanding, and your midwife can offer support and advice for the mother’s recovery. This may include recommendations for managing pain and discomfort, monitoring for signs of infection, and caring for any tears or episiotomies.

Your midwife will also provide guidance on when and how to resume normal physical activity.

Emotional Support

The postpartum period can be emotionally draining and your midwife can offer a listening ear and support.

Your midwife can also refer you to additional resources such as counseling or support groups, if necessary.

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