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What is Holistic Midwifery New York?

At Holistic Midwifery New York, we believe in empowering women and honoring the natural process of pregnancy and childbirth. We believe that birth is a natural process that works best when the mother is in control, and we consider it a transformative and precious life event. Our midwifery practice provides a safe haven for those seeking a holistic approach to their care.

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50 Questions You Can Ask When Choosing A Midwife

As a pregnant mother seeking the guidance of a midwife, it’s crucial to find the right professional to support you throughout your pregnancy and childbirth journey. To help you make an informed decision, here are 50 important questions to ask your potential midwife, along with the reasoning behind each question:

The Four Midwives of Holistic Midwifery New York - Judy Ribner, DNP, CNM, Malki Schuler, MSN, CNM, C-EFM, LCCE, Rachel Cohen, MSN, CNM and Julia Steinrueck, MSN, CNM

Midwifery: What Is a Midwife? What Do Midwives Do?

Midwives have been supporting families during pregnancy, labor, and birth for centuries. The practice of midwifery in the modern era dates to the 18th and 19th centuries when licensed midwives became an integral part of healthcare practices, providing prenatal, childbirth and postpartum care. Midwifery services focus on not just physical health needs but also the emotional, social, and mental well-being of the patient.

Midwife Judy Ribner, DNP, CNM of Holistic Midwifery New York with a newborn baby

Midwife vs. Doula: The Differences Between Them & What Each One Does​

Childbirth can be thought of as a simultaneously exciting and frightening experience. It is not an isolated incident, really, and the process of trying to conceive, to finding out you are pregnant, to caring for your body throughout its changes due to the pregnancy, are all linked to the moment of delivery.

Over the course of many years, decades, and centuries, all throughout humanity’s history, women have given birth to children in a myriad of ways, from natural births to medically induced labor.

As technology has changed and improved, so have our tools and understanding of what it means to give birth and be a mother or parent. The concept of professions dedicated to assisting people through pregnancy has existed throughout time, to support the person who is giving birth throughout the entirety of the process.